Regional Care Experienced Peer Networks - A peer driven self-help strength based therapeutic model.  

A model of co-production by co-creating regional peer networks with professionals by experience (care experienced) and experienced by profession (multi-disciplinary workforce) 

What distinguishes our model from other approaches is the perspective use of the care experienced peer community to facilitate social and psychological change in individuals.  

A framework aligned within a therapeutic social pedagogy strength-based model.  A holistic and relationship-centred way of developing a therapeutic alliance between peers. Where the care experienced community is the antagonist and the facilitator of change rather than any one individual or counsellor. Engaging with care experienced people across the course of their lives.

Not short-term. 

The roll of our Care Experienced volunteers and staff is to co-facilitate the facilitation of change by empowering care experienced individuals and community to co-create a Therapeutic Alliance between care experienced people, empowering the individual and community. Where everyone involved take responsibility for actions affecting the care experienced community and to share decision-making.  

Engagement does require each care experienced person to play a part in their own journey by actively participating in decision making, activities, projects, consultations and other interventions.  

A staged progression enabling and encouraging individuals to take on increased levels of responsibility for the running of the peer networks.  Learning, acquiring new skills that improve individuals and community, confidence, self-esteem, helps reduce loneliness and isolation and creates a sense of being connected.  Building individuals social capital. 

Activities are designed to produce therapeutic and behavioural change in individuals and all individuals are mediators of these changes. Learning and growth occurs through behaving as a responsible peer of the care experienced community upon whom others are dependent. One could describe Care Experienced Peer Networks as After-Care. 

A self-help process of incremental learning towards a stable change in behaviour, attitudes and values which are associated with developing and maintaining peer friendships. Embracing and celebrating diversity and difference as peers are intergenerational, from different cultures, race, class, sexuality, faith etc - all-encompassing. What Carl Rogers describes as unconditional positive regard. 

There are opportunities to train as “Buddies and Mentors” to other care leavers/care experienced people who need additional support.  

Buddies help individuals to develop friendship circles, to increase their social and life skills and reduce isolation and loneliness.  

Mentors, roles are similar to loco parentis. For example, help with for example CV writing, job interview techniques, career planning, home building, emotional and well-being support, parenting skills and to offer advice/guidance.   

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