Creative Corner

The Rees Arts Project is an ongoing part of our Aftercare package for care experienced people. So far, we have run four art exhibitions featuring paintings, sculpture, photography and poetry from the care experienced community, as well as a National Short Story competition. We believe that creative expression can be instrumental not only in the recovery process from trauma but in exploring identity and having your voice heard.

Poet and Visual Artist

Every two weeks, we will be sharing the work of a care experienced person who expresses themselves through different creative mediums. Our first creative is: David Grimm.

David is 31, he has seven siblings, has moved 53 times in his life and has experienced most types of care. He is currently training to be a social worker with the aim of working with refugee children or very young children in need, he has been a volunteer for several organisations over the last 16 years and has just been awarded the voluntary position of care experienced office at his university.

Check out his poem Long Lasting Pain here and Love Is here

You can follow David on Twitter @davethecarebear

David Grimm image 1

David Grimm image 3

Art and Poetry exhibitions 2019

Saira Jones

Mind Vomit by Saira Jayne Jones.

Find out more about our Redditch exhibition here or by downloading our Art exhibition brochure. 

National Short Story competition 2019 

This has now closed but you can find out more about it here

If you would like to know more information, or if you would like to pitch an idea relating to any of the arts (Fine art, poetry, writing, photography, drama, art etc) please contact our Arts Project Coordinator :

I Need Help!

Financial assistance is available in certain circumstances

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Peer Networks

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Under the Sky Project

Fully funded opportunities in ‚Äčthe outdoors to care experienced adults.

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